If you want your bike in good condition. You have to do regular basis tips for maintain motorcycle.

Read Motorcycle Owner’s Manual

Bike manufacturing company provide with owner’s manual every model. Read and Learn about your motorcycle’s model by reading the owner’s manual. Here are everything about your bike engine, tyres, fuel capacity, bike model name and many more.

Regular Bike Tyres Check

When you ride on your bike always check air pressure in tyres. Ensure your bike air pressure level according to your bike manufacturer. Also check for the wheel balance and alignment.

Engine Oil

One most important things always remember if your want motorcycle healthy. Time-to-time change your bike engine oil. Running the bike with dirty oil will not only increase fuel consumption but also reduce the engine life.
Mineral Oils for 100cc to 125cc Bike, Semi-Synthetic Oils for 125cc to 150cc bike, Synthetic Oils for 150cc to 220cc and Fully Synthetic Oil for superbike.


Bike surface has to clean regularly in order to maintain the surface finish. Before you start cleaning the motorcycle, make sure that the ignition switch unit, H.T. Coil and silencer are thoroughly covered using plastic sheets. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.


Keep both brakes properly well working. It’s not too tight or too loose. Brakes are always recommended to be tightened as per the rider’s personal style and requirement. If your bike brakes screeching sound persists. Replace bike pad or check your bike brakes oil. Experts recommend getting the brake pads checked out every 10,000 or 15,000 km

Clean Air Filter

If you want to keep your motorbike. You should clean every 10,000 km (6,000) air filter your bike. Change the air filter at recommended intervals and increase the cleaning frequency in particularly dusty climes.


Engine the heart of every bike. Always regular servicing and engine maintain your motorcycle. Keep carburetor and valve clean time-to-time. When you travel 1200-1500KM clean out the carburetor float chamber as well as the other parts. Do not neglect the all-important spark plug. Clean spark plug regularly, preferably every 750 km for two-stroke bike and every 1,500 km for the four-stroke bike. Most modern bikes require the choke to be used on cold starts as they run lean to meet emission norms as well as fuel efficiency requirements.


The motorcycle battery needs periodical maintenance to ensure a long and trouble-free life. Top up with distilled water whenever required. Check for any leakage from a battery. It should be clean and free from any leakages. In case of non-use of a motorcycle, the battery should be kept fully charged.

Fork Oil

The forks are incredibly important for ride-ability, especially over long distances. Fork oil also lubricates all components of the bike that are used when it is in motion, so taking care of it is a very important part of any motorcycle maintenance routine. Fork Oil change your bike’s, for once in every 12000 kilometers.

Riding Speed

Most important things speed when your ride on the bike. If you want fuel consumption and reduce your petrol bills. Try and maintain your bike speed of 40 to 60 kilometers per hour.