World’s one of the most popular web browsers Google Chrome. Google Chrome provides many features just like bug-fixes, extensions, plugins, web apps and many more. But some time after using Google Chrome speed Down and performance not starting time. If you want to quickly improve the speed of Google Chrome. We will show you how to enable them, how to speed up Google Chrome.


Clear Out the Cache

Time-to-time clean cache on your chrome browser. After all clean your browser website page and element more quickly.

How are deleted
It’s clean you press the keyboard CTRL+H button. Now open a new tab’s left-hand clear browser data press. Now open another tab here are you see open a popup and two parts basic and advance choose one and click clear data and wait some time.


Deleted Unwanted Extensions

Google Chrome provides many extensions services, which are helpful yet some may actually be less helpful than you think. Extensions mostly run in the background and must more use ram, so my dear friends you want your browser speed fast and quick response time. Delete all extensions you don’t need.

How are deleted
Simple method delete extensions go to the browser menu mouse over on more tools and click on extensions. Now open a new extensions tabs. You can see here your browser’s alan extensions and delete unwanted extension.


Remove All Unnecessary Web Apps

Google Chrome is not a web browser. it’s more than services provide an application. Google chrome provides all our services like a mail, docs, photo and many more. They also provide out of google apps you go web store and download what you want.

How are deleted
Type chrome address bar chrome://apps and enter. Now you see here all apps. Right-click the app you want to remove, select Remove from Chrome…, and click the Remove button to confirm the removal


Set Maximum Tiles on Browser

Maximum Tiles refers to the tiles for interest area. Basically, this feature will increase the RAM that Chrome is allowed to use, and should take any little glitch out of your browsing experience.

How Increase The Number Maximum Tiles
Type chrome address bar chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area and enter. Choose 512 from the dropdown. Click Relaunch Now.


Number of raster threads

Tired of slow loading image on google chrome. This modification will change the rendering speed of images in Chrome.

How to increase the number of raster threads
Open “chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads” in Chrome. Select 4 from the dropdown menu and click Relaunch Now.


Enable Simple Cache for HTTP

Simple Cache is the new caching mechanism for Google Chrome. It works better than the old caching system, relying on the filesystem for space allocation.

How Enable Cache for HTTP
Go to “chrome://flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend” in your browser. Select Enabled from the dropdown. Click Relaunch Now button.