Traveling planning is the toughest work is not easy. Every point is considered and how to save travel funds. When plan your future holidays or business trips without worrying about hotel room availability is not possible. Most of the people are the very common mistake when they booking a hotel room. Here are some tips when you planning your next trips. I hope it useful for everyone.

Above Using a Credit Card

When we are booking a hotel room with the credit cards. We receive lots of benefits, i.e. cash back, free night stay, rewards and many more. But they do not provide any protection or immediate refunds for mischarges on your credit cards. Always use your debit card. if you have the wrong transaction of your funds. It’s refunded to your account for 1-2 weeks.

Do Not Book Room at Wrong Date

Hotel room rates not been fixed. They are up and down time-to-time. Your best bet is to start checking prices at least 40 days in advance and monitor the trend. If you want to make sure you get the lowest rate, book you at the new lower rate if prices drop.

Don’t Skip The Review Websites

Many websites and hotel portal provides lots of offers, discount, and review about the hotel. I often switch my preferred hotel after a bit of research, as there is always something many hotels charge for parking, which can easily run up to $20 per day in a metropolitan area. Hotels may also charge guests for using the phone, the Internet, and even the in-room safe. so my dear friends, when you are the book a hotel room check customer review.

Not Ask Best Price

One of the simplest but most effective tactics for getting a better rate is to ask for one. I usually recommend an open-ended approach, something like “are there any better special rates available?” This usually prompts the reservations person to ask if you are a member of a travel or other association (AAA or AARP), a member of a loyalty program, etc. From there they will often offer a better rate one way or another, simply for the asking.

Not comparing prices

Without doing proper research, you could be missing out on big savings, so dear friends complete your research. Use websites that have advanced search functionality (which means that they show multiple prices from multiple booking sites in one window). Compare the rates on the property’s website to the rates you find on Priceline, on Expedia, on Groupon Getaways or in travel brochures. Also look into the types of booking discounts that are available and which ones can save you the most money.

Do Not Forget Check Hotel Location

Always remember to check your room location. Many time your room location and your meeting or travel destination location just a few miles away or long away. Check and Ensure it before your room book, any problem i.e. transport, nearest main market and no longer your travel destination location.