Today’s many types of Smartphone Processors in the market. What is core and how are actually work on your Smartphone? We talk about very clear that why these processors are called dual-core, quad-core, Hexa core and octa-core.

Single Core Processor

A single-core processor or CPU uses one core inside the processor. The single-core processor consumes less power and slows compare other. It cannot also handle multiple operations at a time.

Dual Core Processors

A dual-core processor 2 complete execution cores per processor. A dual-core processor executes all the tasks much faster compared to the single-core processor. If you want general-purpose computing such as checking email, surfing the internet and typing docs get it.

Quad-Core Processors

A quad-core processor is a chip with four independent cores in one processor. its help for the quad-core processor can run multiple tasks at the same time, increasing the overall speed for programs compatible with parallel processing. New quad processors consume less power and generally less heat. That’s why they are much efficient.

Hexa Core Processors

Hexa Core Processors comes with six cores processor. It can handle tasks faster than compare the dual-core and quad-core processors. Hexa Core Processors was presented in 2010 and very few smartphones are launched with Hexa Core processors.

Octa-Core Processors

Octa-core processors are made up of 8 completely independent cores to perform the task very efficiently and even double faster than a quad-core processor. You might find out that two sets of quad-core processors are present in a gadget, it is still octa-core as you cannot call it a double dual-core processor. The cores will split various tasks between them according to their types and works brilliantly.

Deca Core Processors

Dual-core processors come with 2 cores, quad-core with 4 cores, Hexa Core with 6 cores, Octa Core with 8 cores but
Deca core is also made up of 10 complete independent units of cores. it means Deca core processors super quick every task.

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