Xampp a worlds popular free open source application. It is provided consists Apache HTTP Server, Mysql for the database. PHP and Perl programming languages. It’s use of very helpful making Website Development on your local machine. Xampp available for all operating system just like the window, Linux, and Mac OS. Let’s here we know how to install Xampp on Ubuntu.

Download Xampp from website and wait for complate download.

Open the Terminal (Ctrl +Alt + T)
and type here.

cd ~/downloads
sudo su

Now type here your operating system master password and give all permission your download package.

sudo chmod 777 -r-xampp-linux-x64-1.8.3-4-installer.run

After Few seconds a Pop-up Window will open. Install the xampp by clicking Next & Finish buttons when required. Once installation is done. It will be installed in /opt/lampp directory.

Now that you have a LAMP stack installed, you have many choices for what to do next. Basically, you’ve installed a platform that will allow you to install most kinds of websites and web software on your server.