General Instructions for Ladakh Trip. When you are traveling to Ladakh should take total rest the first day and keep the second day only for a light trip. Drink plenty of water, eat even if you are not hungry.

Instructions on Clothing

3-4 sets of Heavy woollens clothes, 1 heavy woollen jacket, 3-4 pairs of woollen socks.
Carry at least one or two caps to protect yourself from direct sunlight. Kids especially should wear caps or hats all the time when out there in the sun. Especially, in the month of September and October, the UV rays are harshest and you must protect your skin using Hats / Caps and good high SPF sunscreen lotions. Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the reflections from snow especially from January to June. You carry an extra pair of shoes/gumboots in case people are on bikes and are expecting a lot of water crossings. Hand Gloves must-have in the months of October to June. Always good to carry them with you. 2-3 Pairs of Inner Thermal Suits. Personal Towel

Other handy items Tips

Flashlight and Spare Batteries
Camera with spare battery and memory
Spare cells for Mobile Phone and Cameras (Cells discharge faster in extreme colds)…
UV Goggles
Cap / Hat (with a good shade)
Shoes optionally with anklets and a pair of slippers or floaters (washable)
Shaving kit
Pocket knife/spoon set
Sun Screen – SPF (50 or higher)
Lip Guard or Balm
Hand Sanitizer
Toothpaste and toothbrush
Moisturizer and cold cream
Liquid soap and shampoo
Paper tissue/hand towel
A roll of toilet paper

Personal Medical Kit

Anti-septic skin cream
Asprin / Anti-vomit
Small bottle of dettol
Dimox for Altitude sickness.
Medicine for a cough and cold
Food poisoning medicine – diarrhea can be an unpleasant experience while trekking
Bandages and cotton
Generic antihistamine for allergy attacks
Food poisoning
Generic painkiller
Any other personal medication
Camphor (smelling camphor is helpful when you feel giddy)

Tips of Bags

Carry one Backpack – 60 Liters (as the main bag)
Carry one Daypack – 30 to 40 liters (to carry during the day for a camera, sweater, jackets, photo-ids, water bottle, flashlight, personal medical kit etc)
Waist Pouch can help too.

Other Things

Original + Copy of Passport or Driving License ID + Election ID-Card or Driving License + PAN Card any other government of India issued photo ID (at least 5 copies of photographs and photo ids; this will be required for permits at certain locations).

Please carry emergency money with you; this in addition to the money towards camp fee (Rupees 10,000/-; and credit card); this fund is your reserve for any emergency is not shopping money).
E.g. emergency like we are not able to reach the planned destination due to landslide or bridge breakdowns or due to any other unavoidable circumstances we may have to halt at another place which was not part of the planned trip etc., or it could be any other situation.

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