Facebook the world most popular website in the world. Everyone uses facebook and day by day increase members. If you have a shop or owner of a small business. You need a Facebook account. Facebook provides some service free and some are payable. It is the finest place to keep customers informed and help in developing a brand identity. Facebook marketing is an excellent way to reach your audience if done properly.

Find Your Most Meaningful Audiences

Everyone wants to maximize your organic reach. Find out on your Facebook business page who like your page. which type coming Audience men or women. Facebook provide page views, page reviews, page like, reach, post engagements, page followers and many more services.

Choose Right Content Post

you know the importance of your content, but which type will work best for your brand? Posts with images drive 2.3 times more engagement, so being the visual help.
Always use beautiful images to highlight your brand’s creative side. Video is in high demand and 43% of users would like to see even more from marketers. However, only 15% of Facebook videos are watched with sound. A video should be accessible, easy to digest and always have captions. Create videos that catch a user’s attention and provides something worthwhile.

Target Your Email List

When you build your Fan base, do you run an ad that targets your email list to attract those who have already done business with you? When you launch a product, do you run an ad targeted at those who have bought from you before? You can do this with Custom Audiences. And if you don’t use this feature, you are ignoring a very important segment of your customer base!

Optimize Your Campaigns in Real-Time

It’s important to note here that normally a campaign needs to run a day or two for you to get enough data to judge its performance. For those that aren’t performing, there are a number of things you could be doing wrong.

  • Your Facebook targeting is all wrong
  • People aren’t seeing your Facebook ads
  • The campaign objective is incorrect
  • Ad placement is off the mark
  • Your landing page and Facebook ads aren’t in line
  • Your ads are not attracting attention
  • You haven’t scaled your Facebook ads correctly

Tell a Story

Yes, even for your paid Facebook campaigns. Telling a story will help you get more interest and build stronger connections with your target audience, both in turn helping you get more ad clicks. You can do this by creating teaser ads before a product or site launch, getting people invested in your launch, or outlining a story that’s important to your brand in long-form video or text posts.