Railway Recruitment Board Group – D Question Paper 17th Sep. 2018 with Answer. We have provided the memory based question paper and answer. To prepare it, questions from a lot of candidates are collected and then the answers to it are provided. We hope you found this post useful in your preparation for different competitive exams. In case of any doubts or queries, write it in the comment section below.

Where is Vishakhapatnam located?
Andhra Pradesh

What countries are involved in Maitree 2018
India and Thailand

Odd one out – Tabla, Tanpura, Sarod, Sitar

What is the Unit of Charge?

What is found in acidic fruits?
Vitamin C

Which of the following solutions is the most acidic? – ph6, ph1, ph0, ph5

Who discovers cell?
Robert Hooke

What is the colour of Hemoglobin?
Dark Red

Which is the Strongest Acid?

What is the power house of the body?

What is a bone to bone connective tissue?

What is the PH value of blood?

Who invented Television?
Philo Taylor Farnsworth

From which state has Nirmala Sita Ram won as a Defence Minister?

Who bought Flipkart?

Who is the author of Playing it My Way?
Boria Majumdar and Sachin Tendulkar

Who is the author of Moving on Moving Forward?
Michael J. Anthony, Mick Boersma

When is sir world bird day?
May 12th!

What is PH scale of wine?
0 to 14, with 7 being neutral.

Who was Miss world 2017?
Manushi Chhiler

Who is the Joker of Plant Kingdom?

What is the Chile saltpeter formula?

What is the chemical name of NaCl?
Sodium chloride

Which is the highest type of TB in India?
Lung Disease

What is the cause of Ranikhet illness?

Who discovered blood group?
Karl Landsteiner

How many females have Ram Nath Kovind appreciated/awarded?

What was Hausla 2017 related to?
Child rights

In which state is Visakhapatnam situated?
Andhra Pradesh

What is the number of Sulphur in the Periodic Table?

Molecular mass of HNO3?
63.01 g/mol

In which state Champaran Andolan held?

What is the reason for flexibility in trees?
xylem and phloem

Who inaugurated the Indian Post Payment bank?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Odd one out among crow, duck, monkey, squirrel

Who will lead the joint session of Lok Sabha speaker and deputy speaker is absent?
Deputy Chairman

Where is the heart placed in the human body?
Midline with the apex pointing towards the left side.

Who is the CM of Odisha?
Naveen Patnaik

What was the day of 21 January 1988?

Where is zygote developed?

Oscars was held in which country?

Who was the UEFA player of the year in football?
Lionel Messi

Who has hot blood?
Birds and Mammals

Who is the Governor of Bihar?
Lalji Tandon

Who is the Sports Minister of India?
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

Which place called as Pahado ki Rani?

Who played Alauddin Khilji in Padmavati?
Ranveer Singh

What is the name of Chandragupta Maurya’s son?

Which is the 100th smart city in the list?

Who won the man booker prize?
Olga Tokrczuk

How many muscles are there in Human body?

What is the unit of Pressure?

Which one is true 9/16>13/24, 9/16<13/24, 9/16=13/24?
9/16 >13/24

Which is the cleanest railway station in India?
Beas, Vizag

Who is the CEO of Apple?
Tim Cook

What is the scientific name of chloroform?

Which is the lightest gas?

Which gas was spread during the Bhopal gas tragedy?
Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) gas

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