Used car market a rapidly growing day-by-day. If you are thinking about purchasing a used car. Go to the online here are many websites and web car portal. They provide all facilities when buying a car (insurance, financial and many more). Buying a used car is more complicated than buying a new one. You check all things car history, car maintenance, insurance. We share some tip for your help when buying a used car.

What Car should you buy

First thing decided what car suits your lifestyle. Your family small you buy a small or medium car otherwise big family want large like the Toyota Innova or Tata Safari and many more. Today you could easily consider buying a mid-sized car as these cars are available at great bargains. Talk to friends or car dealers and ask him which car batter for you.

Check Car History

The research you are about the car which model, price, looks and feel. It’s best to choose a car with a fully documented service history. A car that has been maintained exclusively at a single authorized service station should score very high on your rating. A good way to find out about previous accident damage is to contact the seller’s regular service station or insurance company.

Verify Car Age

The most important part is verified car age. Most car user they wanted has chosen latest cars and own your old car sale it. Those cars almost new -a car age two years old or younger. The best option is you buying mid aged car 3-5 year old. Cars that have run 10,000 to 15,000km a year are prime buys. Most parts check before buying a car mileage, brake, and accelerator, Exterior, Interior all fine condition.

Car Paint Check

The car should be clean so the paint condition is visible. Look at the sides of the car from end-on for waviness; that indicates paintwork. Run your finger along the edges of the joints between panels; roughness indicates residue left from masking tape.

Verify Engine size

There are far too many smaller engine variants being rebadged, and sold off as, larger engines (e.g. Honda 1.3 being sold as a 1.5). Ensure that the car is indeed the variant that you wish to buy. Check engine details in the registration & insurance documents for starters.

Never Forget Tires Check

The tires should be worn evenly and they should match. Look at the surface of the tire for feathering (bad alignment). Bad alignment can be caused by worn steering/suspension components, the pothole down the street or frame damage.

Engine Quick Start

A cold engine will give away far more than one that has reached operating temperatures. Insist on starting the car from cold, and work the engine up yourself.

Say No Modified Car

You can be certain a modified car was driven “enthusiastically” by its previous owner and there can be uncertainty about the quality of the modifications. Walk away from any highly modified car.

Check The Hoses and Belts

They should not have cracks. The radiator hoses should not be soft. Also, Check the timing belt. The normal lifespan of a timing belt is from 60 – 100+ thousand miles; this depends on the manufacturer.

Air-conditioning Check

Make sure the air-conditioning of the car is working well by turning it on. If air conditioning is a must, buy a car with R134 coolant. Most cars fitted with R134 are 1993 or newer and have a sticker on the AC Condenser.

Check the Brakes

Try this going around 30 mph (48 km/h) in an area without traffic. You should not feel any vibration from the brake pedal, or hear any squealing or strange noises. Brakes that pulsate indicate the need for having the rotors resurfaced or replaced and new pads installed. It should not swerve; this can be caused by a bad brake caliper or worn steering components.

Call Friend

It is a good idea to bring along a trusted friend with a good background of automotive know-how to check things that you are not sure of. If you do not have a trusted friend in the auto industry you can pay a mechanic to complete an inspection on it for around 89 – 120 bucks. Make sure this mechanic has good reviews so you will not get scammed into thinking the car is a lemon.