4 Types of Engine oils available in market Mineral Oils, Semi-Synthetic Oils, Synthetic oils, and Fully Synthetic Oils. We are Confuse which is Best Engine Oil for our bike. Each and every one Olis manufacturing Company claims to be the best for your bike. Let’s talk perfect engine oil for your bellowed bike.

Mineral Oils

Mineral Oils made from natural oils. These oils are actually the best types to be used in smaller capacity engines which do not impose a lot of mechanical pressure while running. Most manufacturers will recommend new bike owners to use mineral oils as they offer good engine protection for the first few kilometers of running the engine in because mineral oils help protect the engine better.

Semi-synthetic Oils

Semi-synthetic motorcycle oils are perfect combinations of mineral oils and synthetic oils. Semi-Synthetic oils provide a fine balance between the protection of the Mineral Oils and the performance of the Synthetic Oils.

These oils use for medium levels of protection for the engine and are suitable for use in nearly all road-going bikes including tourers, commuters. It is generally recommended for 125cc to 150cc.

Synthetic Oils

Synthetic motorbike oils well mixture between semi and fully synthetic oil quality-wise. Synthetic Oils offer good levels of all-around engine protection, cleanliness, and anti-corrosion. Synthetic oils are suitable for use in nearly all road-going bikes including tourers, commuters as well as off-road bikes and some racing bikes 150cc to 200cc.

Fully Synthetic Oil

Fully Synthetic Oil pure polymers based on factory-made oils. These oils are the best and most preferred in high-stress environments and performance motorcycles. Superbikes and race machines are prime examples of machinery that require the help of fully synthetic oils. Clutch and Gears perform at their smoothest and keep the engine calm and vibe-free as much as possible.

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