When we purchase any bike in the market there is many options 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 180cc, 200cc, and many more. Good mileage, More Powerful Engines, better comfort, and many things. But if are talking about engines here are two type Motorcycle Engines one is Air Cooled and another is Liquid Cooled Motorcycle Engines. We are very confused about which type of bike buy. Which are better options air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines?

Air-cooled Motorcycle Engines

Many Motorcycle Engines manufacturing companies use Air-cooled Engines in our bike. Engines work of overall barrel temperature and permit the air greater access to surfaces that most require cooling. The engine-driven fan directs a blast of cool air on to the fins. The fan is necessary because an air-cooled engine requires a very large airflow: 4,000 times more air than water.

Advantages of Air cooled Motorcycle Engines

  • Air-cooled engines are fuel-efficient, affordable and require lesser engine space than that of liquid-cooled engines.
  • Air cooled bikes may be cheaper.
  • Air cooled require less maintenance (liquid coolant requires coolant change every 10,000 km).
  • Air cooled motorcycles run noisier.

Liquid Cooled Motorcycle Engines

Only Sports bikes use Liquid Cooled Engines. The liquid cooling system uses coolant to keep the temperature of the engine at an optimum level. The coolant flows through the channels and absorbs the heat from the engine and comes to the radiator to lose that heat.

In liquid-cooled engines, the circulating liquid evens-out hot spots in the cylinder head. This is better for detonation control and for emissions. The combustion chamber surfaces can be kept hot enough to encourage more complete combustion, but not so hot so as to promote detonation or high NOx emissions.

Advantages of Liquid Cooled Motorcycle Engines

  • Liquid cooling is better for long-term durability since it allows tighter build tolerances.
  • Liquid cooled engines transfer the heat to the rad at the front of the bike, making a long ride or a traffic gridlock more tolerable for the rider.
  • Sportbikes tend to be liquid cooled
  • Liquid cooled bikes can rev higher because they have higher tolerances due to their ability to self-cool.
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